Special Events

Special Events

Customized workouts for you + your friends

What type of training is this?

Endorphins from working out are already a highlight, but combine that with the company of your friends along with great music, and you're in for an unforgettable time. Private workouts are a great addition to a bachelorette weekend, birthday celebration, wellness retreat or family event. There are unlimited ways we can create the just right experience for your next event.

Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Special event classes are 100% customizable from the music to the movement. Think anything from cardio dance, to weight lifting, to a gentle yoga flow. The options are endless.

All levels of exercisers welcome for special events. Options provided for beginner, intermediate, and advanced movements. I'll bring the music, speaker, and basic equipment, and you just tell me where to be! Workouts include a warm up, cool down, and easy-to-follow coaching of all movement patterns for the group.

Client Reviews

As a former athlete, I was determined to get back in shape. I especially wanted to develop my core to avoid having back problems in the future. Ashley helped me clarify my goals and offered a program that included an evaluation/consultation followed by a customized program. Because of the distance and my work schedule, we did the workout sessions over Zoom at 6 AM. I worked out in my living room for 30 to 45 minutes/day and had a session with Ashley 1 to 2 times per week. Ashley provided a detailed workout plan for each week, a tracking spreadsheet to monitor my progress and heart rate, and refresher videos to assist with the technique between sessions. I was a little sore the first week since I had not done any formal workouts in 30 years. About 2-3 weeks into the program, I noticed my energy level had improved significantly, and I generally felt better about myself. About 4 weeks in, I noticed my arm strength improving and by the time I finished the 8 weeks I had doubled the original weights I was using for the workouts. At the end of our 8-week program Ashley provided me with a plan to continue working out that included all the exercises we had done. She also recorded a few of our workout sessions for me to refer to in the future. Ashley was always cheerful and very positive, even considering it was 5 AM her time. She was always on time and kept us to a tight schedule to make sure we finished on time. When I needed follow-up support between sessions, she was very responsive and sent the additional instructions I needed until we could have our next Zoom workout. I would highly recommend Ashley. She is a true professional, knows what she is talking about and demonstrates a real desire to help you achieve your goals. She pays attention to your technique and heart rate and makes accurate corrections to ensure you are doing everything correctly and safely.

Ken V, Age 66

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Pricing options
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Starting at $150/session
60 mins

Price depends on duration + travel time.

> 60 mins - Custom workout - up to 10 participants - $150

+ $10 per person over 10 participants

Travel = +$15 within 15 mins; +$30 within 30 mins; +$60 within 60 mins

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Other Training options

Online Training

Starting at $50 / session 

Get the same coaching and customization as in-person training, minus the need to leave home. We use Zoom to record our sessions, allowing you to revisit workouts and build a personalized exercise library.

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In-Person Training

30, 45, 60 mins
Starting at $55/session

Let me come to you wherever it's most convenient, whether that's your home gym, driveway, or local park. Designed to get you to your goals the fastest. Available in the Houston metro area through July 2023.

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